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Jury awards $1,280,000 in punitive damages

Seller Commits Fraud in the Sale of Restaurant

Watch our video about one of our cases! Our client came to us with a problem.  He had purchased a restaurant for hundreds of thousands of dollars and it was losing money.  The financials he was given showed that the business made over $1,000,000 each year.  The client knew how to run a business so […]

Business Litigation

One of the Leading Business Litigation Firms in Southern California Brown & Charbonneau, LLP provides full-service legal representation throughout the business litigation process. Our firm’s founding partners and associates have decades and decades of collective experience representing companies in all types of business disputes.  From contract to fraud to shareholder derivative actions,  we represent international […]

Was a Contract Formed in the Sale of a Business?

Understanding whether a valid contract exists, and what its terms are, are essential when traversing the sale of your business. Often buyers and sellers may have a different understanding of where the parties are in negotiations, and failing to formally document all agreements may lead to litigation down the road. If you are involved in […]


Disputes among co-owners of a business are a common problem, and can arise for a variety of reasons. These may include differences in opinion on key decisions or management style, changes in company goals or strategy, and personal issues or other commitments. Many disputes will be resolved through open discussion, compromise and change. However, sometimes […]

Legal Disputes in the Sale or Purchase of a Business

Legal Disputes in the Sale or Purchase of a Business Buying or selling a business can be one of the most exciting activities about owning a company.   However, in Southern California, these transactions can often lead to disputes but dependable legal counsel can often resolve them quickly.  The key to quick resolution is seeking legal […]

Shareholder Disputes Come in Many Forms

Shareholder Disputes Come in Many Forms

As Irvine shareholder disputes attorneys, we advise clients that need legal representation. There are many different types of shareholder disputes, and we have the ability to address any and all situations that may arise. We work very closely with our clients to gather all the facts, and we go the extra mile to advocate their […]

How to Start a Business

Starting a business can be easier than you think. With planning and a good idea, you are half way there. The rest is vision, perseverance, hard work and a bit of luck! 1. The Vision (idea) Whether it is a service business, sales, manufacturing or some other venture, think the process through. How big do […]


The Statute of Frauds, codified in California Civil Code section 1624, requires certain contracts to be in writing (or that there be written evidence of the contract’s terms). That is, an oral contract (one that is not in writing) may not be enforceable. Contracts that must be in writing include, but are not necessarily limited […]

Demand for Shareholder Buyouts Under California Corporations Code Section 2000

Oftentimes, owners of corporations and businesses find themselves unable to work together anymore.  What happens when they are 50/50 owners?  How does the corporation move forward?  How can business decisions be made?  In many cases, they cannot. Usually, there are many available options.  But, what happens when one of the owners (or a group representing […]

Orange County Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Real estate, particularly in Orange County, CA is a significant investment, which means that when something goes wrong in the purchase, sale, or construction of real estate, there is much at stake for the parties involved. From complex financing to multi-party ownership, to disputes arising between a single seller or owner, to accusations of fraud […]